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“Let her go her way; it is under Allah’s command"; these words were uttered by the Prophet (pbuh), speaking to the congregation of Al-Ansar, the people of Medina (Al-Aws and Al-Khazrag tribes) who are waiting for his hospitality at the beginning of the Prophet s migration after his arrival to his future capital Medina to propagate the true Islamic religion. Qaswa is the prophet’s she-camel whose name has been inscribed in the history of glory. It was the camel that the Prophet rode on during his Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - during his Hijrah from Mecca to Medina (Yathrib at that time) before about 1440 years ago. She was the camel that witnessed the majestic event of the unification of the Arab tribes after the tribal battles of Aws and Khazrag. The Prophet s journey from Mecca is called the hijra, or migration. It was really the first step towards the spread of Islam throughout the entire world, and Muslims begin their calendar from the year of the hijra. When the people of Yathrib heard that the Prophet (pbuh) had left Mecca and was on his way to their city, they anxiously awaited his arrival. Each morning they would go to the edge of the city to see if he were coming. Finally, someone saw him in the distance and shouted to everyone, Here is Muhammad! (pbuh) the Messenger of Allah has arrived! All the Muslims went out to greet him, shouting, “Allahu Akbar”! Allah is Great! Muhammad the Messenger of Allah has arrived! The women and children sang songs to show how glad they were to see him. The Prophet (pbuh) entered the city with his friend Abu Bakr. Most of. The people there had not seen him before and as they gathered around they did not know which of the two was the Prophet (pbuh), until Abu Bakr got up to shield him with his cloak from the burning sun. Yathrib would now be Called al-Medina, which means, The City. The Messenger of God (pbuh) stayed in Quba, which is a place at the entrance of Medina, for three days. On the first Friday after his arrival the Prophet led the congregation in prayer. After this many of the wealthiest men invited him to come and live with them and share their riches. But he refused and, pointing to his she-camel, Qaswa, said, Let her go her way, because he knew that his camel was under Allahs command and would guide him to the spot where he should stay. They let the camel go until she finally knelt down beside a house belonging to the Bani an-Najjar, the tribe to whom the Prophets mother was related. The Prophet (pbuh) ordered that a mosque and a place for him to live be built on the site.